handmade jewelry made by me! (shipping info)

mix and match custom bento earrings set!

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it's time for a picnic and you get to choose what you want in your very own bento box earrings set!
you can choose 4 to 6 pieces of your favorite foods in your bento box.

please check the "ordering instructions" slide for information on how to place your order.
if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail to confirm your order!

each piece is made of resin and have some iridescent sparkles in them!

(measurements are of the longest side in millimeters)
choose from:
A) tako sausage (11mm)
B) boiled egg (12mm)
C) broccoli (10mm)
D) cherry tomato (11mm)
E) prawn tempura (16mm)
F) onigiri (11mm)
G) narutomaki (11mm)
H) jelly - ocean soda (12mm)
I) jelly - strawberry (12mm)
J) jelly - melon soda (12mm)
K) jelly - grape (12mm)

please note that piece is handmade with hand-mixed custom colors so expect differences in each.