handmade jewelry made by me! (shipping info)


When will my package arrive?
For all shipping related questions, please visit the SHIPPING INFO page. If your question is unanswered, please send me a message with using the CONTACT form.

I own a retail store! Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, I do! Please refer to the WHOLESALE page, and use my CONTACT form to message me if you have any questions :)

Do you take custom orders?
Air dry clay items - Unfortunately no. Air dry clay items are extremely time consuming and requires mixing colors into white clay. This makes it incredibly difficult to make one singular custom order.

Resin items - Maybe. Depending on what you want and when you would like to receive your items, and my current schedule. Feel free to inquire using my CONTACT form, but please be understanding if I am unable to fulfill your request.

Can all of the earrings be turned into clip-ons?
Unfortunately not. Some shapes do not lend itself well to be turned into a clip on earring. If a current listing does not have a clip-on option, you are welcome to contact me to inquire about the possibility of it.

Do you offer local pickup?
Unfortunately at this time I do not.

Why does my item look different than in your photos?
All items are handmade and details may differ a bit piece by piece. For example, a lot of pieces the colors are hand-mixed, so the colors may vary ever so slightly, or if there's a hand drawn face, some faces may be a bit bigger or smaller than pictured.

If you strongly feel that the item differs too much from the product pictures, please contact me and include your order number, name, and pictures of what you received and describe the differences. The resolution will vary on a case by case basis.

I don't see my question in your FAQ! How can I reach you?
Please use my CONTACT form :)