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strawberry donut necklace

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small donut with strawberry frosting on top. 

✦ donut measures approximately 13mm (~0.51in)
✦ gold-plated chain measures 46cm (~18in)

**usually fake food items are ready to ship, but in the case of low inventory, I may need to make a new batch and it'll take anywhere between 2-5 business days until your order can be shipped.

**each donut is hand-sculpted with air dry clay, so please expect differences and imperfections in each

✦ air dry clay items need to be treated with care. Avoid wearing exercising or sleeping (and/or other activities that may cause the pieces wear and tear)
✦ brass initial hearts are hand-stamped, please allow for differences in each
✦ keep away from water and store in a place away from direct sunlight when not wearing them