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onigiri earrings - shio or umeboshi

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simple and yummy japanese food. have you ever had onigiri (rice balls) before?
you can't eat these but you can wear them on your ears!

choose the pair you would like!

shio: basic salted rice with seaweed
umeboshi: rice with a pickled plum in the middle, seaweed wrapped outside

✦ onigiri measures approximately ~11mm (~0.43in)
✦ stainless steel posts

**each onigiri is handmade out of clay, so size, shapes, and details will vary.

✦ air dry clay items need to be treated with care. Avoid wearing exercising or sleeping (and/or other activities that may cause the pieces wear and tear)
✦ keep away from water and store in a place away from direct sunlight when not wearing them